This piece is a cutting from a Drift Guitar that was created by Driftwood Works Inc.  The pigment colour used is Caribbean Blue. The wood is Walnut. This one has a silver plated chain and we have attached a set of angel wings with an EVIL EYE Pendant for protection.

When we create items such as guitars, skateboards and certain wall art, we have cuttings left over after the frame and that is what is used to create these pieces of resin jewellery. The pigments we use are mica organic powders and the resin used is from a Canadian company called Ecopoxy.  It is #nontoxic as it is made from soy beans.

\We have included some samples of what cuttings look like below and the item that the cuttings came from was the guitar frame in the middle of the cutting pic.

Wood and Epoxy Pendant Necklace 18"

SKU: J338