Personalize your Piece xo Orgone Pyramid

Personalize your piece..... **read the bottom portion of this description and you will learn on how to make this a piece that is perfect as a gift for yourself or someone you love.


Thank you for letting us create a memory …….




From Top to Bottom

Floating Organic Red Roses



The power stones that represent that date are Amethyst & a Geode chunk.

The meaning of Amethyst 

The greeks gave amethyst crystal meaning, perpetuating a belief that it could inhibit the intoxication of all who wore it. In the Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui, amethyst meaning is quite different. Amethyst properties are not of sobriety, but of wealth in this ancient harmonizing technique. If placed in the wealth corner, amethyst can amplify the flow of prosperity into the home.  The Amethyst is wrapped in copper…..brings lots of good energy to those who are near.



 The geode helps you connect with your inner self, healing from within, as the crystals in the geode grow inside the rock. A large geode can be placed in your room or office, to create a flow of Chi energy in the room and around you.


There is a layer of Roman Gold Pigment to reflect the beauty of the stones & brass and the love you share.


Under the layer of gold pigment is a wrapping of zinc.

Zinc will amplify the effects of the immune system and help it to break down toxins. ... It promotes the health of the genitalia and reproductive organs. Home: It will help you to cope with sudden or unexpected change and will help you to solve any problems that arise. Love: Zinc is a fertility charm.


A host of shells lay above the sand …. Heart Cockle shells, Auger Shells and Murex Shells

Heart Cockle shell meaning -The saying means to warm and gratify one's deepest feelings

Auger Shell meaning -is exceptional in serving in memory & dream evoked. It will help one memorize things.

Murex Shell -It too arouses the senses of the individual as well as helps the soul to feel the comfort and gentleness of the aura. Further, it infuses love and make life serene.

In Feng Shui, seas-shells come loaded with luck. For strengthening marital relations: Placing shells in the south-west corner of the bedroom helps bring a couple together and also strengthen the relationship. ... For good luck: Keeping sea shells in a basket will bring additional fortune in your life.


We have placed a heart shaped piece of cedar at the bottom just below an additional layer of gold leaf and some more red roses.  








Personalize your Piece xo Orgone Pyramid

  • *Notes:

    All epoxy used is non toxic and made from soy beans. @EcopoxyCanada

    All pigments used are non toxic and used in organic make up lines.  @Black Diamond Pigments

    Gem Stones are from crystal shops in Nelson and Castlegar with proper tracking.

    We salvage, mill and kiln dry our own wood.

    The Amethyst stone in your piece came from the region we live in from the Kootenays.  

    The organic dried red roses come from an organic farm up here in the Kootenays.